The Hit: Into the Rock’n’Roll Universe and Beyond

Collector's edition signed and numbered
Independent Publisher, 280 pages
13.7 x 10.6 inches

Cover designed by Storm Thorgerson and his team at StormStudios
Edition of 20



“I remember Eric Clapton talking about how, at the age of 15 or so, he was listening to Family Favourites on the radio. Suddenly - and it always happens suddenly -  came the first riffs of a Chuck Berry song. 'It just did me in - pinned me against the wall.'

He’d discovered rock’n’roll. He’d been hit. And like everyone who’s been hit, he entered a world: the rock’n’roll universe. Not just a blessing but an ordeal, not just a discovery but a derangement.

Reality is itself the ultimate show. That's the hit. And the world it throws you into? You're in it right now.”

Here's a snippet of the excellent afternoon we had with Andrew, part of our opening celebrations, where he spoke about his book:

Listen to Andrew's Talk here