Kuhl & Leyton


35 x 28 inches, borderless
Silkscreen print on Arches paper
Edition of 50


This piece developed simultaneously with a several-days-long argument about Edward Snowden between the artists and an erstwhile expatriate friend in Beijing. Like many conversations of this type, it carried the dual threat of potential illumination and social ugliness. The disconcerting natures of “loyalty,” “commitment,” “apathy,” and “power in the information age” extended with some menace before them in slanted nights of restaurant and pub talk. One heard the words “heroic,” “brave,” and “cute” repeated alongside our subject’s ubiquitous name by young Chinese students. Others, only slightly older, expressed bored amazement at anyone’s amazement toward his revelations. The subject’s smirk seemed by invocation to appear on an assembly of magazine covers at every newsstand in China, as it must have throughout the world. It has been less than 6 months since the man entered the forever gaze of international exposure. The caption you may struggle to read beneath his image has not yet been fully decoded. - The Erstwhile Expatriate