Maki Kaoru

Lost in Forest - Green

2013, 17 x 22 inches
Archival pigment print printed on metallic paper.
Edition of 5


"This body of work is called Lost in Forest - showing a thin slice of a view of the forest where I wander around carrying two window panels. The forest is often very vast and can feel as if it's no one’s territory, but to me the forest is a very personal territory that reflects one’s psychological and emotional responses.

I place these windows in the forest randomly – making an opening and closure by creating a gap between panels. It is rather abrupt act, yet I am interested in a specific moment when a subtle line separates from seeing to unseeing or vice versa – in between the moment of being lost and found, presence and absence. The reflection of light, the shadow of leaves and surrounding nature interacting with a gap – these marks, traces, and sometimes surprise magic on window surface become an evidence of the presence in that moment.

This presence, though, disappears, loosens or transforms as time goes by in the wild nature. Because of its transitoriness, the moment of photographing that experience becomes so fleeting. At that same time, it gives me a sense of displacement. Where I have been placed myself and when the last time was – untraceable and lost feeling yet somehow mesmerizing. After all, I am photographing multiple layered images of the nature that is reflected and echoed onto a surface of window. I am creating an image that is about to become opaque or its process of becoming, somewhere nowhere near." Maki Kaoru