Corinne Costello


2015, 22.5 x 30.5 inches

Ink Drawings on Arches 300g Hot Pressed Paper

From the series: Aphrodite Pink

"According to the mythology, ros marinus or "dew of the sea", was draped around the body of Aphrodite when she rose from the ocean.

The beauty of ink painting is that it is so easy to access. In a moment paper can be unrolled next to a glass of water and some ink, painted, dried and rolled up. I practice ink painting not only to develop painterly skills, but to emulate its' aesthetic simplicity.

Painting, in oil or ink, is circular in nature. Always simple at the beginning of the journey, brush, support and medium, the more one learns the more complex it appears to become. However as technique improves painting becomes second nature and more focus shifts to the artists' intent. Until eventually the painting reflects the emotion of the painter and there is no dichotomy of content and form." Corinne Costello