Sophie Chaintrier

Sophie Chaintrier

Sophie Chaintrier is the painter of “Vedute” on a rather thin time layer. It is not a question here of “Vedutism” in the sense of the precision of the representation in perspective of urban landscapes, but a practice of figurative painting aimed at producing the tangible memories of a ten minutes journey in a bus, or a few hours in a train, a museum, a swimming pool, a landscape.

She repaints images which kept tenderness for an era that produced archetypes, that contemporaneity still struggles to make disappear: the train station have a chef, train cars hair salons and restaurants.

In cardboard frames or on wooden board with mostly reduced dimensions, the artist captures with Kodacolor aesthetic, life instants, which she then colors in full, as one would post-produce memories

The painting of the representation realizes the passage of the object to the symbol, and makes three pieces of paper in a certain order assembled, become a memory object. 

The “tableautin” is brought back as trophy value, it is the tangible proof of the journey, the guarantee of the journey as an experience. 

To bring back a singular object as evidence of a foundational personal experience, is what the collector does when he returns from the exhibition with under his arm a treasure to share.

The paintings of Sophie Chaintrier remind us of the place and the role of art in the constitution of our lives.

First architect, then writer for SNCF architecture newsletter, she now spents more time to paint life instants.

Exhibits : 

  • Montreuil – (France) « Portes ouvertes des ateliers d’artistes » : Invitée chez Cali – october 2015 – 2016 – 2017 – 2019
  • Montreuil : Christmas sale at Sylviane Clermont
  • Paris - Hotel ****Elysée Mermoz – december 2017-juin 2018
  • Paris - Nopoto – art Christmas sale – december 2017
  • Paris - Le PWAC ( small week-end for contemporary art) – december 2017
  • Paris - Salon des arts visuels Olympe de Gouges – december 2018