Francisca Oyhanarte

Francisca Oyhanarte

Francisca Oyhanarte is a multidisciplinary artist born in Argentina who moved to Miami in 2015 - where her life was forever changed. Miami became her main inspiration and she quickly embraced her new lifestyle and included this powerful source of light to her new artworks. She works with scissors, creating unique and surreal artworks using multi-colored paper and magic spells to assure the intention of the piece. 

For this purpose, she consecrate her artworks in order to serve as magic protective shields, bringing positive healing effects on every environment they enter. 

Francisca elevates and activates the chakras through color, creating healing energy waves and producing visionary and uplifting effects on those who witness her experiments.

Those artworks are just the beginning of the trip, as they later transform into gigantic inflatables, murals, animation movies, live visuals performances, basket courts, merch, installations and museum-grade limited edition cotton paper prints.

Her mission is to make art inclusive for everyone, allowing them to express their latent desires, personalities and fantasies through her art, regardless their knowledge of art and their purchasing power. 

She considers her artworks to be an extension of her soul. They exist in a state of perpetual balance between the forces of light and dark, between the imagined and the real; the ouroboric unity between beginning and end. All elements she brings to her work.