The Sky, animation by Sara Woster January 17 2014


Inspired by the electric landscapes depicted in the series of multimedia screen prints that she created for State of Wonder, Sara Woster has made a short animation that tells the story of one town that overcame fear and found magic.

Centered on a fictitious town called The Sky, the animation features Chopin’s Nocturne Op. 9 No. 2 as played by pianist Jordan Kaye. The piece was selected for the mood that is created through broken chords and dramatic pedal work. This melancholic mood was better described by Franz Liszt when he said that Chopin’s Nocturnes “sang not only the harmonies which are the source of our most ineffable delights, but likewise the restless, agitating bewilderment to which they often give rise.”

This combination of delight and agitation mirrors the artwork, which depicts a town struggling to stop being scared of the ecstasy around them and instead find the beauty in it.